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In 2013, Junior Racing Foundation will focus on motivating inner city high school aged students in the Sister City Challenge: Oakland and Fukuoka, Japan High School Velodrome Bicycle Racing.

Our 2013 program will be in the Hellyer Velodrome (San Jose, CA) and Kurume City Keirin Stadium (Fukuoka, Japan).  1984 Olympic silver medalist Nelson Vails, 2012 PanAm triple medalist Beth Newell and others will be guest motivational speakers.

In the Summer time, inner city youth have little or no opportunities to participate in organized sports of any kind.  Sports are expensive and public entities no longer have adequate funds.

Our  program is designed to get kids within the community to do an activity and showcase them with traditional/social media to demonstrate role models. On the other side it’s a unique community development/marketing opportunity for the right kind of sponsors.

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About the Bay Area

About the Fukuoka Prefecture

About Cycling Community

According to the National Sporting Goods Association, cyclists outnumber skiers and snowboarders combined. Spending on bikes exceeds that on skiing, golf, and tennis equipment:

Sport Consumer Spending ($mil)

  • Cycling $5,867
  • Golf $3,744
  • Skiing $548
  • Tennis $378
  • Snowboarding $234

A comprehensive survey has shown that cycling enthusiasts have grown by an incredible 363% over the course of the past decade.

About Cyclists
A survey of Bicycling Magazine readers has shown that the sport attracts a very enviable demographic.

  • Male: 56%
  • Female 44%
  • College Grads: 82%
  • Professional: 74%
  • Homeowners: 66%
  • Avg. HHI: $138K
  • Internet Access: 90%

About Cyclists Habits

According to Bicycling Magazine, cyclists are leading-edge consumers and are willing to spend money on quality products. They are also more likely than the average U.S. adult to:

  • Be opinion leaders
  • Buy products with the latest technology
  • Shop at specialty stores
  • Buy brands that reflect their style
  • Buy based on quality, not price.
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